QIRA for material producers

Our answer to complex problems? Simple solutions.

As our world is becoming more environmentally aware, the demand for sustainably manufactured materials is increasing rapidly. Yet, the trilemma of cost efficiency, quality standards and ecological impact prevents green transformation across a wide range of industries.

Recognizing the need for lasting innovation, we have developed QIRA – a high quality, cost efficient and easy-to-implement bio-based BDO. Renewably sourced and biodegradable, it facilitates your next steps on our common journey to reduce greenhouse gas emission and a circular economy. Not only can bio-based BDO be seamlessly integrated without transformation costs, it delivers the superior functionality you need to maintain product quality.

As QIRA is suited to multiple applications, you can provide a differentiated offering to your customers enabling them to tap into new, diverse initiatives. With QIRA, you can keep delivering the quality and precision your clients deserve and at the same time enable them to reduce their C02 footprint.


An excellent blend with other materials

QIRA can increase the overall sustainable content of Spandex by up to 80%.


Providing a variety of applications

QIRA is an excellent building block for polyols and gives additional benefits when used as chain extender.


Increasing products‘ bio-content

QIRA can play an important role and increase the bio-content of polyester- & polyether-based TPU systems.


For components with high durability

QIRA can increase the bio-content of PBT by up to 40%.


Enabling more bio-based products

QIRA enables two important bioplastics, PBS & PBAT, to be both biodegradable and bio-based.