QIRA for brands

We want to help you become an engineer of change.

We recognize the urgent need for efficient, sustainability solutions and the widespread consumer demand for brands to drive change. That‘s why QIRA is the next generation of BDO – an easy-to-implement, bio-based BDO that reduces CO2 emissions. Made from renewable plants, like corn, QIRA can radically accelerate your journey toward a fossil-free future.

We believe that sustainability shouldn‘t be difficult. And being more sustainable shouldn‘t force you to compromise on quality. In close cooperation with you and material producers, we promote using QIRA to define new quality and performance standards for synthetic materials for a wide range of industries, such as fashion, automotive, electronics and packaging. The resulting materials not only allow you to set new benchmarks in terms of comfort, style and elegance, they will also exceed your customers‘ expectations of durability, impact resistance and longevity.

With material sourced by QIRA, you can keep delivering the quality your customers deserve and at the same time enable them to do good for people and the planet. Find out how QIRA can be implemented in existing supply chains.

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Putting more sustainability into the hands of designers

When designing everything from apparel to footwear, QIRA can help you become an engineer of change to improve the sustainability of your products. QIRA can be turned into a variety of materials that are windproof, waterproof, optimally breathable and stretchable while remaining soft and luxurious to the touch.


Helping manufacturers become more eco-friendly

Sustainably manufactured vehicles are still an important challenge for the automotive industry to solve. As consumer demand for eco-friendly solutions is rapidly increasing in one of the most CO2-intensive industries, QIRA provides easy-to-implement solutions. Sample applications include automotive seating, airbags, deployment doors, hosing, films and more.


Designing for more circularity

In the electronics industry, QIRA can play a major role in making electronic equipment more sustainable. Suitable solutions include wrist bands, cable insulations, mobile phone cases, electronic adapters and more.


Helping to reduce the waste problem

QIRA is a bio-based solution to enable more sustainable packaging. It is suitable for a variety of applications such as food packaging, coffee capsules or foodservice ware.