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In order for value chains to become circular, collaboration is the key driver to achieve real transformation. Brand owners, manufacturers of all tiers, NGOs, customers and other stakeholders make up an ecosystem in which everyone plays a role in helping make the entire value chain more sustainable.

QIRA aims to bring all players of this ecosystem closer together to foster mutual collaboration. QIRA contributes by enabling a multitude of sustainably developed applications, such as Spandex fibers, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Polyurethane, Bioplastics and Co-Polyesters, across a variety of industries, including automotive, fashion, electronics, packaging and more.

We ask all partners of the value chain, such as brand owners, manufacturers, NGOs, customers and other stakeholders to connect with us so that together, we can create a responsible future.

Motivations of key partners to make the ecosystem more sustainable*

“Customer requirements are deciding factors as they run through the entire value chain all the way to the raw material suppliers.”

Manufacturer (Automotive)

“In the past, we focused on Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers but we are now going increasingly further down the supply chain to identify potential opportunities for collaboration.”

Brand owner (Fashion)

“Collaboration is key to meet our goals. We can’t tackle this alone.”

Brand owner (Electronics)

“Value chains will fundamentally change. Informed customers are exerting pressure through vertical brand collaborations.”

Manufacturers (multiple industries)

* Source: QIRA qualitative research study (2020)

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