How QIRA can help you become more sustainable (examples)

Putting more sustainability into the hands of designers

When designing everything from apparel to footwear, QIRA can help you become an engineer of change to improve sustainability. QIRA can be transformed into a variety of materials that are windproof, waterproof, optimally breathable and stretchable while remaining soft and luxurious to the touch.

Your customers are expecting you to lead. As growing consumer environmental awareness drives demand for eco-friendly textiles, brands are accountable for making positive change happen. That‘s why we have developed QIRA, the next generation of BDO – an easy-to-implement, bio-based BDO that reduces CO2 emissions and paves the way for a circular future. Made from renewable plants, like corn, QIRA can radically accelerate your journey toward a fossil-free future.

We are convinced that sustainability shouldn‘t be difficult. And being sustainable shouldn‘t force you to compromise on quality. By collaborating with you and your material producers on how best to incorporate QIRA, together we can help define new standards in the textile industry.

We want to help you become an engineer of change. With QIRA, you can keep delivering the quality your customers deserve, while enabling them to improve their CO2 footprint.

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