Meet our Global Marketing Lead

Learn a little more about Ben Rump, our Global Marketing Lead for QIRA

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself
A: I am from the very Northern part of Germany but have lived in four different continents. I’m a real food lover. So I love exploring new restaurants with friends and cooking at home. To balance that passion I enjoy being outside and take my bike for a spin, hike and do fitness training in the parks of Hamburg.

Q: What is your background and what industry expertise do you have?
A: I have been working in the chemical industry for more than 17 years. What I love about chemistry is that it’s all around us. Sometimes I annoy people when I try to figure out what material something is made from. I am maybe a little geek in that sense. That has led me to work at the source of all synthetic materials: feedstocks and intermediates. For many years I used to be a procurement manager for BDO. I am excited to sit on the other side of the table now and discuss how QIRA enables some fantastic sustainable material innovations.

Q: What excites you about QIRA?
A: QIRA is aiming at creating the supply of materials for lot of great industries that innovate and design more sustainable products every day. I am thrilled about taking part in enabling such innovation.