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A next generation sustainable solution

QIRA is the next generation of 1,4-butanediol (BDO) – an easy-to-implement, bio-based BDO made from renewable feedstocks that reduces CO2 emissions compared to materials made using fossil-fuel based BDO.

As a key platform chemical, QIRA can be used in a wide variety of applications, including spandex fibers, bioplastics and polyurethanes. Across a multitude of industries, ranging from fashion to automotive, packaging and electronics, QIRA delivers functionality without compromise through more sustainable solutions that are better for people and the planet.

QIRA for brands

We recognize the urgent need for efficient, sustainable solutions and the widespread consumer demand for brands to drive change. Made from renewable plants, like corn, QIRA can radically accelerate your journey toward a fossil-free future.

With material sourced by QIRA, you can keep delivering the quality your customers deserve, differentiate your brand and attract new consumers who are sustainability conscious.

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QIRA for material producers

Our answer to complex problems? Simple solutions.

QIRA facilitates your next steps on our common journey to reduce greenhouse gas emission and a circular economy.

Not only can QIRA be seamlessly integrated without transformation costs and without changing manufacturing processes, it also delivers the superior functionality you need to maintain product quality.

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Discover sustainability of QIRA

QIRA offers fossil fuel free replacement and a reduced carbon footprint

A prospective life cycle assessment shows that QIRA could have a reduced global warming potential compared to fossil-fuel derived BDO.

Due to its unique manufacturing process and use of renewable feedstocks, like corn, QIRA’s CO2 footprint is expected to be noticeably less than conventionally-produced BDO. As QIRA can be used in a variety of industries, such as fashion, automotive, packaging and electronics, it can play a role in helping to reduce GHG emissions. We continue to work on reducing the carbon footprint of QIRA.

 Conventional BDO

Disclaimer: This information is based on preliminary evaluations and is provided for informational purposes only. Specific results for conventional (fossil based) products may vary. GWP (GHG emissions) assessment based on IPCC AR6 (GWP100). LCA results for QIRA (bio-based BDO) were modeled using the GaBi software system. GHG calculated based on site specific data in North America and engineering design from 2021 with some secondary data coming from GaBi 2022 LCI database. Conventional (fossil based) BDO data was retrieved from the GaBi10 CUP 2022.1 database. Evaluation conducted based on ISO 14044, however, study has not undergone third-party critical or panel review at this time due to the preliminary nature of the primary data.


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